About Amy Sherman

Meet Amy Sherman

For more than two decades Amy Sherman has been working in the helping field, inspiring others to live their best life.  She has a master’s degree in counseling/psychology from Vermont College and has worked with individuals, couples, and single women and men struggling with personal and professional issues that have kept them from the happiness and joy they deserve.

Amy’s experience includes running a Domestic Abuse Program for abused women and men, working with adolescent and adult substance abusers and teaching psychology to young college students. She is the co-author of 99 Things Women Wish They Knew Before Dating After 40, 50 and Yes, 60! as well as the DatingRescue ecourse, Create Your Ideal Relationship Kit for women and Mastering the Challenges of Dating: A Success Formula for Men.

 In addition, Amy founded Your Baby Boomers’ Network as a resource for boomers to transition through midlife using the healthiest, most effective coping skills.

Her ebook, Distress-Free Aging: A Boomer’s Guide to Creating a Fulfilled and Purposeful Life offers ten strategies for transforming their thinking towards success, fulfillment and achieving their desired goals. 
Amy is also co-creator of an 8 hr and 12 hr Anger Management Course for divorced and divorcing co-parents to help them cope during this difficult life transition.

Amy has been awarded first place winner of the 2009 Victorious Woman of the Month Award. She is also a Contributing Columnist to The Huffington Post, www.BasilandSpice.com, The Baby Boomer News, and The Boomer Authority. Plus, she is an Expert Advisor for www.ParentalWisdom.com and blogger for www.EvanCarmichael.com and www.JenningsWire.com


Amy offers the following services:

One-on-one Anger Management Coaching

Dating & Relationship Coaching

Individual/Couples Coaching

Co-Parenting Coaching

Moving Through Midlife Coaching

Stress Management Coaching

Amy can be reached at amybethsherman@gmail.com